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Create safer environments.

A common sight on college campuses, emergency phone kiosks enable callers to immediately connect to local security or police departments. In addition, they can be used to broadcast emergency notifications.

Instead of dialing a number, an intercom system enables the user to connect directly with help. Speedy responses are critical in dangerous, time-sensitive situations.


Vendor Products and Technology Partners

AvaLAN – secure wireless Ethernet bridge

Code Blue – Emergency phones, that are reliable communication devices with different keypad and button options.

Lynx Network Duress and Emergency Notification Systems – C•CURE 9000 integrates with the Lynx system, a solution from Micro Technology Services, Inc., providing a cost-effective way to initiate emergency notifications campus wide. This solution is ideal for universities, healthcare facilities, and other heavily populated, dispersed organizations looking to protect students, patients, visitors, and employees.

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