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Don’t compromise — protect your organization with comprehensive security.

Integrated security solutions combine multiple technologies — such as CCTV, access control, and thermal imaging — into a sophisticated, customized system. Ideal for larger organizations such as hospitals, campus environments, and factories, integrated systems provide an unmatched level of security through multiple levels of access.​

Integrated Access Control and CCTV

Combining CCTV and CCure electronic access control on a single network allows you to simultaneously control and monitor who enters and exits the premises. While access control restricts entry, CCTV provides high-resolution video documentation of all activity, which can be used to keep others accountable and prove incidents such as doors being forced open.

Integrated Thermal Imaging and Analytics

Thermal imaging is cutting-edge technology that’s rapidly changing the way we approach security. Often used to monitor large areas, thermal imaging works in complete darkness, snow, and fog. When linked with an analytic engine, it creates a virtual “fence” that sends an immediate alert to a workstation or mobile device when suspicious activity is detected.

The analytic engine holds a database of more than 250,000 images, which it is able to align with images detected by the thermal camera. For example, if the thermal camera sees a dog, the analytics engine “matches” the image to its database dog image, enabling it to determine that the object is indeed a dog.

Simultaneously, the system “ignores” environmental background imagery such as leaves, shadows, and reflections from water or glass. Objects can be detected from up to a 1,200-ft. distance from the thermal camera.

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