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Flir_SR-35-reflectionWitness, prove, and prevent costly incidents.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) has been around for a long time, but the technology is evolving rapidly. No longer do you have to rely on grainy images, time consuming tape searches, or complex, manually configured systems. IP-based CCTV systems are easy to use and provide multiple security benefits, including:

Incident Proof

When something happens — like a slip-and-fall claim, theft, property damage or a dispute — you need to be able to prove what happened. This decreases your liability and helps prevent incidents from happening in the first place.

Real-Time Monitoring

CCTV is an excellent way to keep others accountable, as it enables you to monitor secured premises and provide visitor documentation. In factory environments, CCTV systems are reliable way to monitor production lines and inventories of expensive raw materials. Other common applications include employee monitoring, especially in departments that handle financials, cash or valuables.

Crime Reduction

When criminals know they’re being watched, they’re far less likely to commit acts of vandalism, theft, or violence. Thus, CCTV acts in two ways: it prevents crime from happening and provides clear documentation when it does.

Configuration Options

  • Covert Video Systems: we offer many different concealed camera styles and very small camera options
  • DVR: recording option for small or standalone operations where a server solution is not desirable
  • NVR: server based recording for larger systems requiring more video storage and greater flexibility
  • Enterprise: video systems for campus and multi city organizations based on WAN connectivity
  • Thermal Sensing: video cameras that can penetrate through darkness, fog, and rain
  • IR-Illuminated: for nighttime or extreme low lighting needs
  • WDR:Wide dynamic range for areas with variable lighting conditions
  • Deposition Systems: witness audio/video recording systems
  • License Plate Scanning: document vehicles arriving and leaving the premises
  • Wireless: for large areas or difficult-to-cable facilities
  • Video storage: direct, on- or off-premises SAN
  • P.O.E.: power over Ethernet eliminates the need for a local power source at each camera

Can’t I buy CCTV camera components on the web or from Costco? Why use Premises Control?

Today’s quality CCTV systems are feature-rich and ever changing. They provide exceptional picture quality, work on an IP (rather than analog) basis, and operate over a LAN. Though IP cameras are simple to use, video, IP, and LAN expertise is required to properly configure them. Novice technicians (and do-it-yourselfers) can easily misconfigure these systems, causing LAN/WAN bottlenecks, security holes and failures.

Premises Control’s technicians are highly skilled to not only install the right equipment, but to determine the best product for your needs before you commit to a purchase.

Vendor Products and Technology Partners

Premises Control employs reliable, off-the-shelf technology and trusted partners for every installation. Below are supported CCTV vendors:




Boon Edam



  • Exacq: Industry standard, feature rich, NVR recorders and software
  • FLIR: Mid-range and high-end thermal sensor cameras
  • Avigilon: Video analytics, typically used for perimeter protection, object tracking, and counting people
  • Boon Edam: Attractive, functional turnstiles, revolving doors, and security doors
  • American Dynamics: IP and analog cameras and DVRS
  • Sony: IP cameras
  • License/Number Plate Recognition: INEX/ZAMIR ALPR integrated with CCure 9000 allows the vehicle license plate to act as a credential, which can grant or deny access to a facility, while capturing data that can be assessed later


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